We have two campaigns and are looking for one additional player.

Currently have 7 total players, two of them GM. Looking for someone to join the group to play both campaigns.

The first campaign is a Vampire millennium campaign. Current characters range from 50-1500yrs old. Setting is the early middle ages. Location is currently rome, but changes often at player discretion.

The second campaign is a Star Wars campaign. The first game is on 4JAN14, and all players are just starting. If you would like to join please contact us so we can get you in contact with the GM for character creation.

Considerations: We are a mature group of gamers, age 20-42. We have fun, and enjoy coming up with unique solutions to our problems. We look at gaming as a release form drama, and enjoy each other’s company. Looking to expand our group by one player. If you like to game on Saturdays for up to twelve hours at a time. This is your group. The host of the games does not allow shoes in the house, so please ensure to wear socks. Usually we chip in for food, and the host provides beverages.

Friendly and mature gaming group playing two campaigns

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